Singing of Education books released to Liberian Schools.

Education is the key to creating opportunities and changing your life, and my life has been a blessing to many in Liberia, West Africa. Education gives you choices, opens doors, enables you to earn a good living, and shapes your entire life. I truly believed that lives could be transformed through education regardless of where you were from and how much money you made. The concept of education made me a believer.


After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Liberia, Emmanuel felt that he could be a change to many citizens in his hometown. Today, Emmanuel is the owner of the first private college called the Vision College in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County. Emmanuel understands that the benefits of a college education are irrefutable: higher salaries and lower unemployment rates. Cities with a higher percentage of college graduates have lower crime rates. Education benefits individuals, families, communities, cities, and counties.


According to research data, only one in five Bassa residents age 25 and older has a college degree. In Grand Bassa County Public Schools, approximately 67% of students graduate from high school. Of that, less than 35% enroll in college within a year of graduating.


How can we reach those who choose not to continue their education? How do we program students at an early age to see college admission as achievable and beneficial? One right answer that Emmanuel Provided was established by the Vision College that is now the second college in the County achieving remarkable results in educating inner-city youths, specifically young girls and women, and continuing their college educations.


For Emmanuel, it’s all about investing in the lives of young women and helping them build leadership skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision-making, goal setting, clear communication, and personal accountability. The real need for today’s youth is hope and vision. For me, my parent’s dedication to my future and their immeasurable value of education inspired me to work hard and stay focused on my schooling. I am excited to see the different paths taken by Bassa citizens, as many of them will change their futures and their families by becoming college graduates.

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