Emmanuel is a career educator, author with education and research expertise. It includes working with high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in the areas of information technology, management, leadership, operations, strategy, statistical analysis and research preparation. Besides his teaching career, he previously worked with the United States government, Department of Health in the State of Florida. Also, he volunteered with Higher Education Institutions in Liberia, West Africa. He is a licensed faculty in the State of Florida.

He currently served as Director of the Zinah Humanitarian and Child Welfare Foundation in Liberia, West Africa. This Foundation runs two projects: a school with a living quarter, and an eighteen (18) bedroom clinic that served the Duport Road Community. Emmanuel passion for the classroom has helped positively shaped the subjects of Research, Information Technology, Theology, Business Education, Organizational Success, and Strategies for Adult Learning Theory in Leadership program. He brings practical decision tools and discussion to assist in dealing with difficult situations we all face in our organizations. He is also serving as an executive coach for business professionals in the United States, speaks on leadership topics at various venues, and served as a mentor for high school students in troubled situations.

He has a Ph.D. in Theology with the Atlantic Cost Seminary and is presently a doctoral candidate in Higher Education at the Grand Canyon University. He has three Masters in Finance, Computer Forensics, and Divinity. He holds numerous certificates in sustainability, university teaching, strategic planning, master planning, fundraising, policy development, and budgeting from the Harvard University. He has presented papers on finance and budget planning, higher education planning, leadership, and management. He’s an accomplished author with many books to his credit, and his books are being sold within the United States and around the world. He also uses his spare time advocating for education development for African students and served as board member for many higher education institutions in Liberia.

Emmanuel' s job as an Educator and Author allows him to interact with Presidents and Representatives from various Universities and Colleges in Liberia, Stakeholders from the Private and Public Sectors, National and International Institutions. His task further enables him to take a broader view of the mechanics of education and how it enables value-based decision making. Emmanuel is a family man, and he is a proud father of four children; Sarah, Emmanuel, Jr., Evelyn, and Emmanuelyn. 

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